Get Involved

Zion Pentecost Mission seeks to fully serve and teach our biblically based gospel faith in the NAME of Jesus. We care for all God's people, especially those just begining to be drawn to Jesus and His offer of salvation, and also those seeking a challenge. Would you like to:

-participate in a prayer group- bible study?

- go out to the highways and byways with Br. Tobin for gospel outreach?

- lead worship events?

-serve as a production assistant for the "Preaching Hour" in Burlington VT at a friendly place called VCAM?

-be mentored for future church service?

-provide administrative support to Br. Tobin? 

-learn about baptism like they did it in the first days of the church?

-celebrate a scripture based Lord's Supper?

If so, please call, or otherwise contact Br. Tobin, and we can visit about these ideas and others you might have as we serve Jesus together.